Taking the dive

I want to first welcome everyone (if anyone reads this) to my blog. These words of welcome are ones that I have longed to type. I must admit I have long wanted, considered, and even almost started a blog for many years now. It’s one of those things in my life that I think about a lot but for one reason or another, I refrained. Refrain no longer! As I enter into a new chapter of my life, I believe it is time to write, archive, and share. As I take the dive into blogging and share my first post, I want to “start with the why”.

start with why

As many have written or presented on prior, Simon Sinek’s concept and charge to “start with the why” has been pivotal in my career and life. Prior to seeing the Ted Talk and reading his book, I’d like to think I was mindful enough to know the why behind my choices/actions but I cannot be sure. However, since that day of discovery, I now know I am always considering “the why” behind all that I do. Anytime I lead a meeting, presentation, workshop, etc, I make sure to set the tone for learning by stating the why. Now for the “why” behind the blog.

It’s time:

It’s a pretty obvious one, but more and more I find myself agreeing with other educators in the field about the importance of having a digital presence and connection with learners online. I fully admit my reservations of a blog being seen as self-promotion and guided by self-interests. Of course I always have that question in the back of mind (and sometimes front) of “who wants to hear/read anything I have to share”. If people do read, they will only notice the grammatical errors. With that in mind, I know that in order to increase connections and understandings, it’s necessary to put yourself out there. I am the go to “retweet” guy without a doubt. I am constantly bookmarking and “saving to pocket”. ┬áThere is a time and place for this. However I know as I grow in my learning, I also must be willing to share my own thoughts and put myself out there. I want and need to take healthy risks in my learning. The time to do this is now.

It’s therapeutic:

I view blogging as my digital journal. The place I can go to write down my thoughts, likes, wonders, stories, etc. I have read and believe in the research that supports journaling (blogging) as therapy. There are mental benefits to writing down the items from our mind. Throughout my day, I find myself thinking about how much I have going on in my mind. I believe that writing it down and sharing it will not just serve as some mental relief, but also could lend itself to mental improvements. Here is a link to a post to support my rationale so you don’t have to take my word for it.

It’s a showcase and a shout out:

I know I am the person I am today as a result of those I have encountered, both in the physical as well as digital. I know if I am going to write, I am going to be writing about the people and experiences in my life. It’s a place to share these experiences, not just ones in education, and to give thanks and seek additional input and insight.

So I’d like to conclude this post by giving thanks to the educators that I have been following on Twitter and reading their blogs and thoughts for years now. I am grateful to be connected to you and excited to now share and contribute to the process.