About Duke

Hello! My name is Duke Lines, and I am currently an educational consult, speaker, and professional development facilitator. I bring a wide variety of experiences in the areas of teaching, leading, and learning to my current role. I have served as a teacher, PLC leader, instructional coach, dean of students, and high school administrator. I am a Certified Google Educator and my focus is on utilizing technology to enhance, engage, and empower students and staff with a continual focus on quality instruction. I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to share, learn, and grow with educators everywhere.  I have a passion for teaching learning, and sharing and have presented at local, state, and national conferences.

Personally, I am blessed beyond words. I am married to my college sweetheart, Kerri, who is also an educator. She is the ultimate supporter and has been my rock and there for me through everything and I am forever grateful. We have two beautiful children, Brooklyn (born in ’13) and Brock (born in ’15). They keep us busy and laughing all the time. We also have two dogs, Foxy (terrier mix) and Zoey (golden-doodle). I have a close group of high school and college friends I stay in contact with. They are my accountability and my brothers. We strive to sharpen one another “as iron sharpens iron”.

I also have a passion for other interests. I am a sports and pop culture enthusiast and love viewing, listening, and experiencing these. I didn’t always love to run, but I do now and try to run daily. I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to enjoy nature and either clear my mind or opportunity to process information out in the open.

Education runs in my blood. My father has been a teacher for nearly four decades. I am in education because of him. I want to continue to have impact of educators and students as he does. In my time, I have also connected and collaborated with excellent educators in person as well as via social media. My Personal Learning Network inspires me and stretches me.  As I  reflect and refine, I know I am the product of my life experiences people around me and choices and I make. I will continue to work hard to learn, grow, and inspire.